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About Our Products


Grip Graffix have been specifically designed for the protection of crank arms on mountain bikes.

Produced from tried and tested heavy duty, high bond adhesive materials we've been using for ten years + on moto-x and enduro motorcycle applications.

Ideal for protecting your brand new or used cranks from abrasion, stone chips and unsightly wear and tear.

Our crank protector graffix are produced from high quality "Substance Vinyls" manufactured in the USA.



1. Make sure crank arms are clean and free from any oil / grease / silicone / chain lube etc.

(Brake cleaner & kitchen roll is an ideal cleaning combination).

2. Simply peel the backing paper off and place straight onto the the face of the cranks.

(In colder temperatures gently warm the cranks with a hot air gun or hair drier before and after application).

3.Ensure the crank protector is in the correct position and press firmly into place.

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